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PostPosted: April 5th, 2016, 3:31 pm 
Harlequin Duck
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Just for kicks and giggles, thought I would type up a long topic, Maybe it will provoke some discussion. Probably will provoke some abuse :mrgreen: . Don't worry, I can take it.

There seems to be 3 types of dog owners currently running the retriever events. Depending on the venue and level you will see more of one group or the other. This is my personal categorization so don't expect to see this in the Lardy tapes or at any of the judges seminars or rulebooks.

First dog is the Top Buddy. These guys own dogs as companions. They love them and in their eyes their buddy can do no wrong. Bit the neighbors kid but the kid was teasing Buddy. Ate a duck at a hunt test but the ducks were really tasty. Failed a test but the judges were mean. This group is more prevalent in the lower levels because the owners are unwilling to proceed with a force based program. Some dogs overcome the owners and become really nice dogs. Have to admit that I envy this group because they never see or at least admit their dogs shortcomings. Both the owner and the dog are happy.

Second group is the Trophy dog. This owner will have a room full of ribbons and pictures. Owner will be standing behind the trainer in all the pics. They pick up the dog during duck season and brag on titles. These dogs often tarnish the reputation of hunt tests and field trials because the owner never learned how to handle the dog. These owners will also have expensive guns that they can't shoot and numerous other status symbol objects. No knock on anyone that has a dog trained but to be useful the owner must be a proficient dog handler.

The final group views dogs as Tools. This group will understand the training needed to produce a finished gun dog. The dogs purpose is to retrieve ducks in the field or competition. They will do whatever is needed to become a proficient handler. Many train their own dogs but others send the dog to a pro. They understand corrections and timing. Of course there are those in this group that will weld the dog to the ground using an e-collar. The dogs may not always be stylish but they will retrieve ducks and won't be allowed to flair them.

Of course there are those that fall between the categories but most will be easily labeled.

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PostPosted: April 20th, 2016, 8:37 pm 
Tundra Swan
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Just saw this. I am a Tool. :mrgreen:

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